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Having fun AND making money. But is it a business or a hobby?

Posted by Team AVS on 28 Feb, 2018  0 Comments

It may seem fairly obvious whether a person is in business or not, but the distinction can be important for other reasons. Your client may be having fun AND making money. But is it a business or a hobby?

For example, if you are not carrying on a business, the option to deduct losses from other income is lost. So it’s important to establish, from a tax obligation point of view, that your “activity” is more than a hobby, and is, in fact, a bona fide business. Losses from hobbies (including most party plan ventures, such as Tupperware parties) are not deductible against other income.

The process (and pros and cons) of ‘electing’ to be a family trust

Posted by Team AVS on 23 Feb, 2018  0 Comments

Trusts are an important and very useful concept for managing one’s financial affairs, as well as estate planning.

A trust is established whenever there is a separation of the legal ownership (for example, the name appearing on a land title) from the beneficial (equitable) owner of an asset (in other words, the person that a court would deem to be the true owner).

Can an SMSF invest in property development?

Posted by Team AVS on 16 Feb, 2018  0 Comments

The ATO has been sending some mixed messages about property development involving an SMSF and has indicated that it is one of the issues on its radar for 2018. So is property development an allowable investment for an SMSF? The short answer yes, but be careful. A longer answer is be very careful — it is very easy to trip up and breach one or other rules. The ATO is keeping an eye on this and will scrutinise any fund utilising property development.

Key factors for rescuing a bad debt deduction

Posted by Team AVS on 8 Feb, 2018  0 Comments

It is very often the case that unpaid debts owed to a business can have a significant impact on cash flow and the ongoing profitability of a business. In a taxation context, the characterisation of a particular debt as either “doubtful” or “bad” is key as to whether or not the writing off of that debt would be deductible.

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