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Life Cycle of a typical SMSF

Establishing the SMSF

Involves appointing trustee(s), obtaining trust deed, choosing to be regulated by ATO, getting ABN and TFN and opening bank account etc.


Money goes into the SMSF

Involves rolling over your existing balances from commercial funds, receiving different type of contributions.


Investments during accumulation phase

Suitable investment strategy created taking into account members’ risk profile and aiming to maximise returns from investments


Meeting the condition of release and moving into pension phase

Money can be released out of SMSF on meeting condiiotns of release like achieve perservation age, permanently retire from work etc. Can start TRIS.


Investments during Pension phase

Members’ risk apetite could beless during this phase andfocus would shift to generating stable income with lesser risk. Sufficient cash generation to be aimed to be able to meet minimum pensionpayment requirements


Death of member and passing off of benefits

The inevitable. This is where good estate planning would kick in and death benefit instructions carried out. Could result in to a reversionary pension if set up such.


Winding up or continuing for current and future members

Upon death of a member, above decision would depend on the estate planning put in pace or willingness and ability of remaining members to continue.

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