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Why AVS Business Services

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We are a team of professionals who are very passionate about what we do. Every client, irrespective of its size of work is accorded due attention and care. We know that our clients’ needs aren’t all the same, so we try to tailor solutions to every client’s unique needs.
At AVS Business Services we work to build long-term relationships with clients who are seeking a combination of technical excellence, competitive fee structure, and exceptional client service.
Our ability to create and maintain brilliant relationships is based on our understanding that each of our clients is different, and it is their unique needs that drive our approach.
We are always a phone call away, whenever you need us. We keep our clients regularly updated on the latest changes in tax and business legislations affecting them.
Our Team at AVS has the wealth of experience led by its partners Vinay Kumar (CPA, B.Com) and Varun Jain (CA, B.Com) who have combined experience of more than two decades in Accounting and business services.

Here are five reasons to choose AVS Business Services:

  • Experience

    We have an experienced team with in-depth technical knowledge which immensely benefit our clients right from putting the correct structure in place, bringing operational efficiency to implementing tax effective strategies. Especially new start-ups need a lot of hand-holding in the initial phase where our vast experience in diverse businesses comes in handy.

  • Result oriented

    We adopt a result-driven approach. Every task, irrespective of its size is well planned from its beginning considering all the opportunities and hurdles in the way. We ensure that results are positive.

  • Reliability

    We always aim to provide the best quality service to our clients. You can rely on us for attention to detail, regular and efficient communication and timely and accurate delivery. Our team has the expert eye to diminish chances of errors and mistakes.

  • Efficiency

    As we plan our tasks before taking any action, it’s always easy for us to complete our jobs quickly and smoothly. By saving time, we can reduce the cost, which able us to provide you services at a competitive price.

  • Availability

    We make our clients a part of our processes and report them regularly about their business. We make ourselves available, whenever you need us.

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