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Lodgment of tax return

The information provided by tax payers in their tax returns which allow ATO to work out their tax refund or tax owes. Tax returns cover the financial year, which ends on 30 June and are outstanding by 31 October. If taxpayer returns are filed by the tax agent in such case due date for filing a return will be another, but taxpayers need to be registered with them (Tax agent) as a client before 31 October to qualify.

ATO offer two free ways to file your tax return online-my tax and e-tax. Filing online means we can pre fill taxpayers return with information from their previous tax return and with information provided by their employers, bank, government agencies and others. The longer they wait to start their tax return with more information will be pre-filled with most of the information available by early August.

Tax returns filed online are usually finalized within 12 business working days.

E- Tax lodgment

If taxpayers are unable to file their tax return online, they can use e-tax to prepare it. In this case taxpayers will take out print out, sign it and post it to ATO. The processing time will be the same as for the manual return.
Following steps are required before print of E-Tax return.

Step 1: Taxpayers should prepare their tax return using E-Tax

Step 2: Navigate to lodgment section of E-tax.

Step 3: you will be presented with a screen titled:
Check list
If taxpayers screen titled: errors, you need to fix that bugs-go to step 4
Review, go to step 5
Checklist, go to step 6

Step 4: correct all the errors by the following instructions on the screen or in the help file and then navigate back to the lodgment section.

Step 5: Review the items at the review screen. When taxpayers have finished, select Yes at button on the screen.

Step 6: Review the checklist information, then select Next.

Step 7: when taxpayers have read their declaration, select printing in the navigator.

Step 8: Select the items that taxpayers want to wish to print and select the print preview or print button.

Step 9: Attach, if required: your tax return supplementary section, business and professional items schedule, any additional information attachments.

Step 10: Sign and date the taxpayer’s declaration page 10 of your tax return.

Step 11: Post the tax return to following address:

Australian taxation office
GPO box 9845

Don’t replace the words IN YOUR CAPITAL CITY with the name of Australia capital city.

Taxpayers can also use the Manual (paper) tax return for filing the individual’s tax return. Instructions to file your tax return will be provided through mail by ATO. However, it will take 50 Business days to finalize the individual’s tax return.

For more information on lodgment of tax return from ATO website by clicking here.

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